Creating a Vision Board and Manifesting Your Dreams

by Alicia Sparks on March 24, 2014

Alicia's Vision Board

Do you know how to create a vision board?

(HINT: They’re NOT as easy as you might think!)

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7 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money as a Freelancer

by Alicia Sparks on March 17, 2014


Whether you envision yourself in your own home office or working from the local coffee shop, making money as a freelancer seems pretty glamorous, doesn’t it?

Well, it isn’t. At least, not at first and, if you don’t fix some of these blunders, it never will be.

If you’ve been working as a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer, photographer, or any other endeavor, and haven’t really been making money as a freelancer (or, the kind of money you want to make), what you’re actually making is one or more of these mistakes.

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Hey Freelancers! 7 Reasons You Aren’t Taking Risks, Right Here

March 3, 2014

Working for yourself in any capacity takes guts. There’s no way around it and, after a decade of it, I can tell you it never gets less gutsy. Sure, after a while, seeking out new clients becomes less intimidating. Drafting up your latest newsletter isn’t as nerve wracking. Delivering project estimates doesn’t cause as much […]

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Freelance Writers: Welcoming Resistance in Your Writing Business

February 10, 2014

Maria Andros, a businesswoman I follow and greatly admire, wrote How to Make Up Your Mind to Be Wealthy…Once and for All. Now, don’t get all squirmy. It’s just a blog post, not a sales pitch. Within the post, Maria offers four steps for making up your mind: Reinventing your life. Creating a vision board. […]

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How to Choose an Affirmation for Your Business–and Your Life

February 3, 2014

Let’s talk about affirmations for a minute. I’ll admit, it was difficult for me to choose a word for what I’m describing. Candidates? Mantra. Intention. Affirmation. They all have similar definitions, yet each one is slightly different.

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How to Piss Off a Freelancer: Unpaid Edition

January 27, 2014

Happy Monday, sweet peas! So, I had a completely different post planned for today (which you’ll get next week – sorry, I know you’re heartbroken), but I had such an infuriating experience this weekend that I had to share TODAY. First, some of you know how I feel about free and low-pay gigs. For those […]

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